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TYPE : Puzzle/Arcade
RELEASE DATE : December 2002
PLATFORM :       
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : English version Freeware. you can distribute for free (But not allowed to earn money with it as commercial purposes). Download must be allowed WITHOUT advert before download. Additional code : Jede, Symoon
Translation : Romuald Line
Testers : Jede, Romuald Line, Mickael Pointier

TAP file (tape version) available at the bottom in STUFF section. It was found back in Twilighte's archives, and not released at the time (no idea why).
Owners on oric.org (original) : HH , HH , molimik , r1_r1 , rax , astrocant , gastower69 , rob2190 , rockinJammy , dub , superturrican2 , butters , help40 , Gussto , fatagnus , kfasheldon , kai , epaminondas , simo , ricotti , taburoto , andygroo , alesmukler , xbox360test , dave3622 , monojohnny , Panzerdragoon , Panzerdragoon , Panther , carokann , zouzou , ert69 , popolon , piounon , BARRcode , flash1965 , ibisum , kerkyra2007 , Godzil , mick , elarquet , georgigenov , ronoc , leemoon , Samko , Remy13 , jorodr , elektrikman , repetto74 , nikiiv , experimental1972 , Vyper68 , cbruno , eusebioas , moc , billardi , Molitronix , kenneth , Marsupilami , Bob69 , orik , apt-e
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KOOLKAT197122:02 17-February-2021
Played it for the first time today and i was impressed! Loved the graphics and the music! Top game!
SAMIR16:04 25-April-2020
Probleme dans version fr
VYPER6808:10 21-October-2019
Thanks Symoon for releasing the Tape version
KENNETH19:10 20-October-2019
Tape version loaded. Very nice!
KENNETH19:10 20-October-2019
Tape version loaded. Very nice!
LAURENTD7503:09 09-September-2015
Just Awesome... Very cleverly-crafted colourful graphics by the all-time master of the Oric palette, and equally impressive sound effects with the first-ever SID-like music on the Oric! Add to this a remarkably smooth and fast gameplay and you end up with one of the most addictive and enjoyable games on the Oric, a must-see, and definitely in the top 5 for arcade games, alongside "Defence Force", "The Hellion", and the "Xenon" trilogy...
MOC17:03 19-March-2013
Страхотна игра ...(Very nice game ...)
CHEMA10:01 13-January-2011
Really good version. Good graphics and sfx. Excellent gameplay and very very addictive.
SYNTAXERROR18:01 07-January-2011
good realisation but can't be compared with pionneer's games
STAR4200:07 27-July-2009
the best Oric games...
MAT216:07 14-July-2009
nice game with very good graphics
TWILIGHTE18:01 18-January-2009
Thankyou for your feedback. There is still no Tape version of this game. I will eventually compile one since it is feasable.
TWILIGHTE18:01 18-January-2009
You need to login in in order to download this game. If required it can be made available elsewhere depending on demand. Damn, this game was published in 2002, 7 years later and i still haven't released my next production :(
MAXIMUS07:03 02-March-2007
hello user nounours, it's not a forum here click on the name, not on the icon try the oric forums if you have problems > defence-force (english) ou www.oricgames.com (french) enjoy with pulsoïds
USER11:02 24-February-2007
"How can I download a game ? the download icon does not run at all !.." I ask the same question? HOW!
NOUNOURS1820022:11 10-November-2006
How can I download a game ? the download icon does not run at all !..
BFGOD15:09 27-September-2005
:( :( :( :( ^_^ ^_^ ^_^
BEBBERS10:09 19-September-2005
PDG! (Pretty Damn Good).
THESPIDER23:10 20-October-2004
Simply.... Whoa!!!!
MAXIMUS23:04 24-April-2004
It's incredible , it's just like arkanoid (on amstrad) so it's a hit
SILICEBIT22:12 08-December-2003
Great sound, good grahics, very addictive, GREAT WORK!!. With software as this... long life to ORIC!.
JEDE01:11 30-November-2003
My best score : 221114 I started from easy mode (I did 48 levels) i did 48 levels in normal mode, and I reach the 16th level after... I spend almost 6 hours playing to pulsoids to do this score ...
SYMOON11:10 25-October-2003
Great, great game ahead ! Ok, saying "twilighte" is enough to make one understand the technical side of the game is great. Maybe I'll be less enthousiast about the graphics, or should I say the scanline colors, but that's really a detail. And, on the game itself, it's quite simply the most addictive breakout for the Oric - as good as other platform ones.
Y-ORIC122:09 03-September-2003
Generous to offer free enjoyment. I have downloaded and shall play with eeettt. :O)
-NORIK-21:05 15-May-2003
I have seen this game on the Spectrum clone first. And this was the best arcanoid game, except the simple "WALL" for Oric I very lucky, that now can join Oric version Very nice work
HH22:03 25-March-2003
Another great game from Twilighte. When you think of what kind af Breakout games there has been made to the Oric, then simple fade away, when PULSOIDS arrived. It is a great plesure to see at all the colours put into the screen and the many features in the game itself. It is not my kind of game, but I had to see every screen in the game. So on my 5 go I completed the 48 screens on EASY. When you first begin you simple can't stop playing it.
_DBUG_15:03 09-March-2003
Pulsoids is a very addictive game. Try to imagine Super Advanced Breakout, but with two generations of graphics improvements, and a lot more variety in the game play. Sound effects and musics are good, it supports numerous control modes, highscores are saved...
LOTHLIN21:02 03-February-2003
Totally awesome game for the Oric platform. I haven't seen a game better than this in 20 years of dedicated Oric use. If you only play one Oric game - make it this one.
CRISTIAN11:01 29-January-2003
Really good work!! I'm waiting for a tape version for test this great game on my real Oric1!
JEDE05:11 24-November-2002
Really good graphics and sound, works on atmos/oric1/Telestrat Joystick ... really nice game !


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