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TYPE : Demo
RELEASE DATE : July 2002
PLATFORM :         
ORIGIN : err err 
NOTES : Demo finished at VIP3 coding party ( Dbug, Romu, Twilighte, Jede)

The last scroll should not work on some Oric (or with bad sound : problem with some via)
Owners on oric.org (original) : foxyz , vadalus , simo , thepeachbeetle , thepeachbeetle , thepeachbeetle , badwolf68 , peelaaa
Youtube :
SGT04B23:11 08-November-2011
If only this demo was available back in the 80's Oric would have become what it was deserving, the all times best-seller home-computer.
LOTHLIN19:09 24-September-2003
Another dose of great graphics, sounds and ideas. After some of the dreadful Oric software we have seen over the years, you just won't believe what you are seeing (and hearing) your Oric do when you load this one up! If you like this, don't forget to check out Barbitoric as well - it is even better!
CRISTIAN15:11 26-November-2002
When I buy my Oric1 (in 1983 and still working!) in Italy there isn't Oric software in Rome's shop..Sigh! So, when I spent lot of time typing my machine code games/demo, I've dream things like this VIP4 DEMO run on my prefer microcomputer (I was 12 years old at the time) and NOW this kind of amazing Oric's capabilities ARE a reality!! This demo is AWESOME! Thx guy, you are my prefer code heroes! ...sorry for my bad English, hope the message is clear. BYE BEY \(^..^) Dreamcast Development Park www.ddp.ht.st
_DBUG_22:11 23-November-2002
Well, I'm quite happy of the result we manage to get. Like Twilighte I'm aware of the problem with music interruption during loading. But well, that demo is less technical than the VIP3 one, but a lot better from the design point of view.
TWILIGHTE00:09 03-September-2002
The VIP4 demo is possibly the best demo we have done so far, although I don't share my colleagues opinions of the music. It was a simple 3 channel Ditty which could have been much improved with SID, Envelope or Sample music. The graphics are alot better than previous demos but their is still room for improvement. The only slight let down was the sound interrupting during the demo (To load each section in). Some of the Effects are great, such as the tribute to spaceballs Dancers and the Oric Fist. I am hoping next time, their will be a greater fusion between sound and vision.
JEDE01:07 29-July-2002
Hum, the best demo on the ORIC (It's not because i am a coder of this demo). Lot's of work for it ... Really quick, technical, and beautiful.

Rob Cook5555

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