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Micro Maniac
TYPE : Music demo
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Tivoli Pirat

Orix and Real hardware :

Owners on oric.org (original) : PeaceR , vadalus , rodb
Youtube :
ROB COOK02:08 29-August-2019
To give a TINY bit more background, an Oric owner in France sent me various programs in exchange for me posting UK computer mags to him in France. I saw 'Rambo' and thought, "ooh, that's a game!" but it wasn't. Still bloody amazing though. Though we have no idea who did this. Fascinating to read that Jonathan Bristow (Twilighte) chatted with the mighty Rob Hubbard, although I was always more of a David Whittaker fan
LAURENTD7500:07 11-July-2017
No download link ??
MANIAC22:03 31-March-2010
I actually don't know about the music in this demo (don't have it), but if the music was (inspired/stolen/whatever:-))from the C64 version of Rambo, it was actually written by Martin Galway.
FICTIONNET19:06 29-June-2009
Alas, I have no idea either
TWILIGHTE21:09 12-September-2005
Yes, it was by Tivoli Pirat, and for many years i tried to fathom if "Tivoli Pirat" was an anagram for someone, or a nick or something of significance. I even went as far as to ask Rob Hubbard (Who afaik wrote the tune on the C64) on the one chance of meeting the guy, but to no avail, i have not been able to trace the original Author. Although i do suspect Rob Cook may know something, because that's were i originally got it from in around 1991.
LOTHLIN15:11 02-November-2003
I had a copy of this demo on tape. It took ages to load, filled the whole of the memory and was just 10 seconds of music. This is the earliest known example of sampling on the Oric and for the time it was a revelation.
_DBUG_16:08 19-August-2003
Was not that music demo made by the "Tivoli Pirat" ???

Rob Cook0555

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