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John Marshall
TYPE : Platfrom
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : was also release with "auf deutsch" term on the box (Anyway, No translation in this language on this game !)

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Manual is on the inlay.
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PENGWIN23:02 01-February-2016
Simple gameplay. Simple graphics. Highly addictive. For me, this was one of the defining games on the Oric.
WAROX13:02 11-February-2006
Simple gameplay but an addictive game. Graphic, sound and animation are good.
KRISKRIS23:02 07-February-2006
Is the guy on the cover a real person? It certainly doesn't look like the typical sort of person who appears on game covers, I'm guessing it's the programmer's boss or something.
HAKAN_K21:03 11-March-2005
To hard for me, but nice animations.
_DBUG_12:08 19-August-2003
It's a bit to frantic for me. But I have to admit that it can be funny for a while.
-NORIK-21:05 15-May-2003
Oh, so funny game! Me, my parents and friends were sliding and laying ot the floor with crazy laugh Monster is very funny and he is anoriginal person with very nice ears )) and colors I have to notice, that so funny, and interesting, and graphically nice games I have seen ONLY for ORIC, and Atari, but not on another home computers... For example, Spectrum disappointed me after Oric (Pravetz-8D) )))))
SYMOON22:04 10-April-2003
Nice little game. The graphics are rather poor but the animation is nice - the rats are really fast ! As any arcade game, I think it can be a boring in the end, but I have to admit crushing the rats is rather pleasant ;-)
LOTHLIN18:03 09-March-2003
This is one of the great games of Oric history. It's a really addictive platform game - splat the rats while avoiding or spraying the sewer monster. Make sure you don't lose all the cheese. The controls can be awkward at first, as there are six keys which need to be used frequently, but you get used to them after a while. Good graphics and sound and fun to play.

Rob Cook3343

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