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Paul Kaufman
TYPE : Game
RELEASE DATE : February 1983
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Released in french by ASN in 1983
Owners on (original) : Syntax_terror
THESPIDER04:10 09-October-2004
This I believe was the first Reversi game that Oric owners used. I do believe it came in the Multigames pack - along with the classic Bandit game. BTW - I did discover that this game is Oric-1 only - Atmos will not work (it gets stuck on the Checking..... part). Also - if you are using Euphoric, make RamPattern=2 in the euphoric.ini. This will stop the opening screen fly past you, since the emulator thinks a key has already been pressed. This game is SLOW!!!! I even had Euphoric at 8mhz and it was still dragging - any faster and I could not have pressed a key accurately. Sadly there is no on-going count when playing. To let you know - when I played this again today, I won 47:17 obtaining all of the borders, so that shows you the challenge of the game - not much.


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