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Various, compiled by Steve Marshall, menu by Twilighte
TYPE : Magazine disk
RELEASE DATE : February 2000
PLATFORM :      
SECOND CATEGORY : Unsorted/junk
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Rhetoric was an Oric magazine from UK, between 1999 and 2003.
Released with Rhetoric magazine #6
Rhetoric #7 advert said: "Rhetoric Disk Update - There was a small error on the last Rhetoric disk, we show you how to put the problem right - it's easy!" (content unknown)

Quote from Steve:

Using the same menu system as before we have another collection of programs. I tried to include an Atmos or disk version of a software that was only previously available on tape, some classics, an adventure game, a type-in and something new.

TYRANT - A rare game produced by the Your Oric magazine team
THE HELLION - classic arcade shoot 'em up
DON'T PANIC - A modern classic unique to the Oric
ORIC MUNCH - Pacman fun from Tansoft
COCK ' IN - An unusual French game - One of my favuourites
ARROW OF DEATH PT1 - Text adventure continuing on from Golden Baton
ARROW OF DEATH PT2 - The next in the adventure series
MIRAGE SCREEN - HIRES screen for OUM/ Mirage made for Cybojudge but unreleased
ORIC LOGO - A nice screen from Twilighte made for Rhetoric
BAR BLASTER - Rare cassette converted to disk
HUBBARD MUSIC - Famous conversion of Ron Hubbard's music to the Oric
SCROLLER L - a scroller demo/ example program
SCROLLER R - a scroller demo/ example program
Owners on oric.org (original) : barnsey123 , HH , laurentd75 , Muso , cretase
MUSO21:07 05-July-2017
The brilliant loader program was especially written by Twilighte (Jonathan Bristow). It only allowed 12 or so programs and a simple loading instruction. I also couldn't change the boot-up sound without Twilighte's help and he got too busy to recode it. So we had to move to the simpler loader found on the other disks. It's a shame as Twi did a great job with the loader.

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