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Various, compiled by Steve Marshall
TYPE : Magazine disk
RELEASE DATE : October 2000
PLATFORM :      
SECOND CATEGORY : Unsorted/junk
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Rhetoric was an Oric magazine from UK, between 1999 and 2003.
Released with Rhetoric magazine #11/12 (double issue)

Quote from Steve:

The fourth disk meant we had made it through one year of publication.
I was pleased that I'd managed to keep the disks on time. The disks sold well and the only complaint was that it was mainly games on the disk.
My aim, (see disk 2) was to provide a mixture of old and new, which I think I achieved, and most people were wanting games. I tried to include some form of utility or demo program code on each disk too.
People were invited to request specific programs for inclusion on the disks but it was really down to me to see what I could find.

KRAZY APE - One of the better type-in's
HOUSE OF DEATH - Tansoft's
ZEBULON : A puzzle game from Jonathan Twilighte Bristow
RESCUE : A rare adventure game from CRL. Find the map and radio and monitor patrols as you scour the 40+ locations. Search for the castle with the imprisoned princess.
CRIBBAGE : IJK's version of the classic card game.
SPACE CRYSTAL : Travel in search of Illudium Crystal. Trade minerals and fuel on the planets you encounter. Return to save the planet from destruction.
SCORBUTT : A challenging French puzzle game.
DOGGY : a classic game from Eric Chahi who went on to produce games like Another World, and Heart of Darkness. Jump and dodge the obstacles.
DISK MONITOR : a disk utility from Harry Peters. Copy to a fresh disk.
ANIMATION : Colin Cook demo which takes images from Spherical Mirrors and animates them.
LISP - Fabrice Frances LISP programming language
ATMOS MONITOR : A machine code monitor. Anyone got instructions for this???
HIRES SCREEN - something to look at.
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