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Various, compiled by Steve Marshall
TYPE : Magazine disk
PLATFORM :      
SECOND CATEGORY : Unsorted/junk
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Rhetoric was an Oric magazine from UK, between 1999 and 2003.
Released with Rhetoric magazine #20, whose exact release date is lost (around April 2002)

Quote from Steve:

ZIP'N'ZAP : A fun little puzzle game from Twilighte that features sampled sound. The last commercial release in the UK.
MINED OUT : from Quicksilva. Dodge the nasties.
GRENDEL Super game from Alistair Way featuring some big 'sprites'.
Keys are Z : left, X : right, SPACE : jump, Down Cursor : crouch, RETURN : fire, < and > select object, ESC : pause. Shoot the baddies, collect the keys, unlock the door and kill Grendel.
TEN LITTLE INDIANS : Adventure from Brian Howarth's Mysterious Adventures.
CAR MANIAC - Drive around 'eat' the dots and avoid the mad driver that comes at you.
PYROMANIAC : Version of the HuBert game. Paint the pyramid to proceed.
GHOST GOBBLER : Pacman clone from IJK
THE TRAP : Strange game similar to Mined Out. Keep moving!
SCREEN : A HIRES screen to look at.
SCROLLER : a little scroller program
UNERASE : SEDORIC utility that can save erased programs : sometimes.
UNQUIT : Another useful tool that reverses what a QUIT command does. Use '!UNQUIT' to load.
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