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Fabrice Franc├Ęs
RELEASE DATE : September 2003
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Ranked 14t for the minigame contest (2003) 4KB of code/datas

Rush Hour 4K for the Oric Atmos
by F.Frances

Rush Hour 4K is a full-featured compacted version of the 19 KB game I wrote in
summer 2000, with a keyboard interface instead of the original lightpen one
(the lightpen interface is not very common on the Oric). The original version
was first released on the Internet, and then in a CEO-Disk *(Fall 2000), with
new puzzles distributed during those latest 3 years in the CEO-magazine *.

The 4K version is actually better than the first release, with machine code
routines smoothing the car movements and decompressing puzzles. In fact, one
could nearly say the puzzles have a null footprint, as they are stored in the
two unused bits of the character set definitions (all of the 96 redefinable
characters were necessary to draw those huge software sprites - the Oric doesn't
have support for hardware sprites).

- main menu screen
- instructions screen
- credits
- 3 distinct difficulty levels with 10, 10 and 22 puzzles.
- giant sprites (up to 18x88 and 66x32)
- password system
- subliminal advertizing-trucks (promoting our beloved 8-bitters) ;-)
- mix of 6502 code and BASIC Bytecode
- genuine Oric colors you wouldn't want for your own car, etc.

Instructions are included in the game, so you should have no problem using this
program. However, for emulator users, please note that the real Oric has a
QWERTY keyboard and no numeric pad, so, numbers are on the top keyboard line...
Also, this is a game for the Oric Atmos, not for the Oric-1...

Have fun,


* CEO stands for Club Europe Oric, still supporting the Oric after 20 years...
Download the 72-pages 20th-anniversary magazine from
(Isn't the minigame compo the one and only place to promote our micros ?... :-)
JEDE17:11 02-November-2003
This game is very inresting, and i like to play to Rush Hour even if a level is quite impossible ! (Level 18 or 19 can't remember)
LOTHLIN17:11 02-November-2003
An improved and smaller version of Rush Hour. This version fits into 4K, has better scrolling and a banner on one of the lorries. Still lots of puzzling to do - over 30 levels.


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