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Yves Petitjean and Serge Schruder - inlay drawn by Dominique Falue.
TYPE : Adventure
RELEASE DATE : June 1985
CATEGORY : Adventure
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Also known as'Le Tombeau d'Axayacatl'

English Reference Guide in Stuff below.

No transfer errors.
No manual.
Nothing on inlay_b.
Game in two parts: presentation on one side; main program on the other ("programme principal").

DISK file available below in stuffs.

Orix basic11: OK

Orix basic11 Joysticks: NOK (missing key in keymap field)
Owners on (original) : fifoul , calimetro75 , philogor , ouessan , kol , kubitus , SleepingOwl , expeliarmus , atmosaurus , PatTheFrog , melgos , joe2005jd , Razorbak , centillion30 , val , simo , ricotti , dieulevrai , dieulevrai , jercar , iranon , Stoff , Tuxosaurus , tototata , jede , SuperMelgos , musepat31 , laurentd75 , philou , Remy13 , jjcortes , Moonchild , KailoKyra , Biquet57 , Juju , gist , Airbus 44 , JihemB

LAURENTD7500:07 11-July-2017
Probably the best (and only ??!! :-)) multidirectional scroller adventure game on the Oric, I reckon this is a MASTERPIECE !! My brother bought it and we spent hours, days, *weeks* if not months playing it until we both got to the end and finished the game !! I probably wouldn't be able to do it again now, thinking back it was so hard... You didn't get *any* allowance for a mistake, once you died you had to start it all over... Makes such a difference with nowaday's games that all have automatic savepoints... Anyway... This game features the most beautiful monochrome graphics on the Oric, with detailed scenery and objects (especially the vehicles and tiles for ornaments). Unfortunately, the handling is very tricky, especially for firing (you get 4 different keys to fire in 4 different directions!!) meaning you often find yourself struggling for keys when in danger, which results oftentimes in helpless death... In any case, this is a MUST play for any Oric gamer...
KALGAR16:11 24-November-2010
Je jouai tellement ce jeu que je le terminais en 15 minutes chrono ! Excellent jeu d'aventure/action !
DIEULEVRAI00:02 22-February-2010
jte encore dans mes couches culotte quand je jouer a se jeux trs prenant je pense le finir maintenant car sur ORIC/atmos jamais pu
MAXIMUS15:08 18-August-2007
to discover this fabulous game, find a tips to use the several keys ! with a pad, it's absolutely amazing
SYMOON14:11 05-November-2002
Probably among the best games for Oric. Controls are a little bit complicated (you might need 3 hands ;-), but the map is large (it took me a while to make the full map picture), and the concept excellent.
JEDE21:08 03-August-2002
Really goods graphics ! Nice one !
_DBUG_17:07 31-July-2002
This game feature a full screen multidirectionnal scroll, nice graphics, animated ennemies and traps, and a real adventure in a pure Indiana Jones style. Some traps are really tricky and require coordination.


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