SONIX 3.5 

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Jonathan Bristow
TYPE : Music editor
SECOND CATEGORY : Utility (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : SONIX V3.5 - one of the best music editors. Try loading the PLINK.ALL file and playing it. (Cursors, SPACE and ESC to move around the menu system)

SMC V1.1 (Sonix Module Compiler.) - Essentially this compresses a Sonix V3.4 file to a smaller one that is executable. i.e turns a large *.ALL file into a *.COM File - try with MILK.ALL

Owners on (original) : ibisum , barnsey123
MUSO23:11 30-November-2003
To me this is the best music editor available for the Oric. The later SoundTracker was technically superior allowing the use of sample but the size of memory restricts the Oric from being able to take advantage of this facility. Sonix is the tool to do the job. It produces files which you can use in your own games etc adn allows for a great deal of manipulation of the sound chip. Any serious coder should give this a try !


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