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Jean Michel Nguyen
RELEASE DATE : September 1984
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : 2 Title screens exists sUrvivor and sOrvivor (see the disk versions below).

WAV format for Euphoric, use Euphoric's virtual tape player (F1 key in Euphoric).

Transfer errors: unknown
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Nothing on inlay_b
Owners on (original) : tordjy , centillion , atmosaurus , coolcool , olelia , musepat31 , philou , Rob Cook
ROB COOK07:09 29-September-2004
Reasonable shoot-em-up. Graphics are good but somewhat large and slow moving.
THESPIDER02:11 03-November-2003
Very big 'sprites' indeed!!! Good demonstration of what graphics the Oric is actually capable of. Not bad as per gameplay, and controls. Played 'Entertainment' first, thinking that was the game, then realised that 'jeu' = play in French. Did wonder how I could not be killed. Glad I keep my French/English dictionary handy
JEDE18:11 02-November-2003
I agree with Lothlin, Graphics are really good, but it seems that this game is not famous in oric world.
LOTHLIN11:11 02-November-2003
A SEU in the tradition of Xenon 1 and The Ultra. The graphics look very good, as you can see. All the ships are quite large and they move smoothly too. Each wave has a unique movement pattern. The overall presentation is excellent. Sound is sparse. On the gameplay side, it is pretty good, but the collision detection is not accurate enough and you cannot fire at the same time as moving. These two factors make it quite a tricky game. There are five waves of aliens to defeat and a re-fuelling stage. Then you have to go through it all again only faster (and much harder!). A good game if you like a challenge, but it can be frustratingly difficult at times.

Rob Cook4233

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