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C. Perconti
TYPE : Arcade
RELEASE DATE : September 1984
PLATFORM :      
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
Owners on (original) : mephisto66 , mephisto66 , atmosaurus , dijijardin , busdriver , jouloubard , musepat31 , tgrimwood
LAURENTD7501:02 08-February-2018
Very original, one of the games I really enjoyed playing. Nice graphics and sounds, quite challenging and addictive! One of the best games released for the Oric, though like many it shows its age now... PS - THE .TAP file attached here crashes when loaded on Oricutron v1.2... I tried the one bundled in the Gamebase 3.0 (stanley.tap) and it worked fine... Although I noticed a bug: if you keep pressing "A" to go up, sometimes Stanley goes right up the screen and the game crashes...
DAVE362223:02 15-February-2009
I just played this for the first time and was very suprised by how original and fun it was. I keep discovering gems like this that were never released in the UK, which I never even knew existed as a child :(
CRISTIAN17:12 02-December-2005
Nice and original arcade game. Good control and fast graphics.
THESPIDER00:10 21-October-2004
Very interesting concept indeed. No firing, but lots of squshing. Graphically it is good, oric attribute clashing apart.
ROB COOK06:09 29-September-2004
I loved this game. It had you controlling a guy, jumping from pole to pole and dropping discs, killing the enemy below. Great fun and horribly addictive.

Rob Cook4344

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