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Georges Depriester
TYPE : Driving sim
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : No transfer errors.
No manual ?
Nothing on inlay_b.

You have to use the colour codes on the back of the inlay once the program is loaded.
I have made a second TAP file, [starter_cracked.tap], which has the protection removed: always enter "0" (the colour table is located at the end of the TAP file if you hex-edit it).

Owners on (original) : nobby , kerampont , atmosaurus , Tuxosaurus , HH , didierv , musepat31 , tornadou , philou , KailoKyra , AmintaOric , duden
ROB COOK20:02 11-February-2020
Not long ago watched someone playing this in a YouTube vid. I think I was a bit generous with my scoring. Graphically okay and at first boot-up it looks like you're in for a good racing game. Alas, it really isn't. Some people preferred the only other racer game (as far as I recall), Formula 1, but that was really ugly. Okay to look at - not huge fun to play sums this up.
DRPSY09:01 03-January-2019
Didn't know this game before today ! After some catastrophic training laps, I decided to fix ma speed at 295 and only concentrate on bends. Then, as I achieved a first lap with no skidding, I could compete in a race with other cars. So, very nice !!
LAURENTD7522:11 17-November-2018
By far the most impressive and technically advanced 3D racing game on the Oric: the road scrolling effect is simply perfect, animation is really smooth, and I found the sound effects to be quite good. Unfortunately, the game is really hard and I have yet to pass the 2 qualification laps... Basically you steer the car with 2 keys and accelerte using a third key. Management of road handling is simplistic: you can get as fast as the car will go in straight line, but as soon as there is a turn, if you exceed 290 kmph, the tyres will begin to screech, and if you exceed 305 kmph the car will slip and hit the roadside and you'll crash... There are two other keys (cursor keys) that are supposed to help yousteer more tightly but it's impractical if not virtually impossible to use during the game... That's really a shame because if the game play weren't so difficult, this game could really have been a hit!
HH00:04 05-April-2011
I played this game a lot in the eighties. I found the scroll effect to be very good at this time for the oric. I remember to place my stam pencil to hold down the 'funct' key so you could keep up the speed in the curves to gain at better time lap. Also you had to use a speciel code to enter the game was something new for the Oric at that time. Good game, bring back a lot of memories...
SYMOON12:12 18-December-2010
Hi Georges. Is there a way to get in touch with you for an interview ? BTW, the cracked version can be removed if you wish.
DEPRIESTER07:12 17-December-2010
This cracked tape is nice. Georges Depriester
DEPRIESTER07:12 17-December-2010
This cracked tape is nice. Georges Depriester
THESPIDER21:10 07-October-2005
Wonderful to see scrolling on the Oric. Only problem I had was remembering to slow down before a curve - that's just me though!
LOTHLIN15:10 04-October-2003
I found it really hard to play and could not qualify for a race, but the graphics are really good and the road is well drawn.
_DBUG_14:08 19-August-2003
The 3D road effect is quite good, but I think that the handling is not very nice.

Rob Cook4244

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