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C. Perconti
TYPE : Moon Patrol type SEU
RELEASE DATE : June 1984
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Thanks to JB for the transfer - WAV format for Euphoric, use Euphoric's virtual tape player (F1 key in Euphoric).
This tape was very hard to transfer, a few errors remain, but the program seems to work fine.

Nothing on inlay_b.
No manual.
Owners on (original) : jede , centillion , nobby , franckdreumont , atmosaurus , coolcool , dgdelucas , Koshums , alesmukler , Pravetz8D , Tuxosaurus , musepat31 , philou , bigjim , oriccentillion , KailoKyra , tgrimwood , localheroparis
ROB COOK20:02 11-February-2020
Yep, a simple game that's graphically not bad but the game did need more to it and became a bit boring fairly quickly. Doesn't mean I didn't play it quite a lot though
THESPIDER07:05 05-May-2004
Had never played this game before I noticed it on Gave it a try, and agree with Twi that the controls are difficult. Shall need to try playing it with the joypad (emulated keyboard keys) sometime to see if that is any better. I could see me playing it more if I could master the coordination of the controls.
TWILIGHTE20:08 11-August-2002
In retrospect, this game has similarities to Silkworm, with it's smooth parralax scrolling and Jeep. Good graphics, ok sound, but unbelievably difficult controls. However, the game had that "Must come back for one more go" feel about it.
JEDE01:07 29-July-2002
The only commercial game i have when i was young. Simple at the beginning ... But after ... More difficult

Rob Cook3333

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