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RELEASE DATE : January 2023
SECOND CATEGORY : Utility (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : TapeRipper requires the simultaneous use of an actual physical tape drive, ideally with support for the remote cable pin, as well as a Sedoric compatible disk drive known to work properly with tape loading (an example would be the Cumulus device) and allowing saving.

TapeRipper 2.1 adds support for tapes using SLOW mode (the ones loading with CLOAD"",S) but is otherwise identical to the version 2.0

Some Orics for various reasons (often power related) are not able to load from tape when a disk drive is connected, so you need to ensure first that this works.

When the ripping is done, you need to transfer the disk to a PC and then extract the ripped files, which is why a Cumulus or a disk drive using a USB storage is ideal, makes it easy to transfer to a PC.

Using a software like ORIC DSK Manager, you can load the .DSK file, and all your ripped files should be easy to select and save, the name is of the form XXXXAAAA.TRN where XXXX is the four letters prefix you selected (defaults to OSDK but choose something practical to identify the program), AAAA is the original load address of this file in hexadecimal, and N is the part number.

The file saved by ORIC DSK Manager has a 12 bytes header you need to manually remove (contains "SEDORIC" followed by some size information) or replace by a proper TAPE compatible header.

So as an example for "Teach Yourself Oric-1 Graphics" I selected the TYOG header, and after the ripping was done the DSK file had three files: TYOGA0501.TR1 as well as .TR2 and .TR3.

These three files were basic programs (as identified by the 501), and after removing the 12 bytes header I used header.exe:

%osdk%binheader.exe -h1 -b0 -a0 TYOGA0501.TR1 tyog_intro.tap $501

And I validated that tyog_intro.tap properly loaded in Oricutron.


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