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Andre Widhani
TYPE : Tetris (puzzle game)
PLATFORM :      
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
Owners on oric.org (original) : Lothlin , Lothlin , Rob Cook , Rob Cook , dieulevrai , gandhi , laurentd75 , aldag
Youtube :
ROB COOK20:02 11-February-2020
My third post about this game! Andre, I *STILL* consider this the most enjoyable Tetris game ever made. It was the very last release by Mirage before I handed the reins over to Dave. My biggest memory of this (apart from the game being brilliant) is that I had NO prior notice of it - it just turned up in the post from you out-of-the-blue and I couldn't quite believe our luck! Thank you for creating this masterpiece.
GANDHI23:12 25-December-2014
I am the author of this game. Ibisum contacted me some time ago, I finally found the time to convert some old disks to disk image files. I am going to either upload this if I find out how or send the file to Ibisum. I am amazed how much activity there still is. While surfing some Oric related web sites I learnt that Jonathan Bristow died last year. I feel sad about this. He visited me in Germany maybe 15 years back while he was on a trip all around Europe. Nice guy he was and a lot of excellent stuff he has done on the Oric ...
DAVE362211:03 20-March-2014
ROB COOK13:05 29-May-2013
If you see another copy for sale, please e-mail me at info@robcook.net and I will bid the bejezus out of it, then donate it to Dave for conversion to .tap
IBISUM10:05 21-May-2013
I'm wondering if we can contact the author and see if he doesn't have a copy? Surely, there's gotta be, at least, a print-out in some attic?
DAVE362217:04 28-April-2013
Bad news, I was outbid in the last few hours. The game went for 32 which was too much for me after just buying Tevrogs Kingdom 2 / Quest for Power for 57. I'll be posting download links for these after I have transfered them.
ROB COOK05:04 28-April-2013
Dave, PLEASE do that!
DAVE362222:04 21-April-2013
This game is for sale on eBay UK at the moment. I intend to bid on it and if I win I will transfer it to a TAP file and post the link to download it here. Fingers crossed
CRISTIAN16:02 18-February-2010
Where can I download and test this game?
OMELETTE05:02 15-February-2010
Another game I have spent way too long playing! I would definitely rate it as the best Tetris on the Oric. Devoted players may have noticed that it suffers from a not-very-frequent bug - a "break-on-byte" error that crops up sometimes...
ROB COOK06:09 23-September-2004
Definitely the best version of Tetris I've ever played on any system.
_DBUG_22:10 16-October-2003
I will gave real votes when that game will be available, and with screenshots. Beeing #2 of the top of best games in this situation is not tolerable.
TWILIGHTE20:09 29-September-2002
The Version from Andre (German) is the best version of the ever popular puzzle game. This is not just a view held by me but by the vast majority of Oric owners. Yes, i wrote the British version, but really only to so the Brits didn't feel left out. TetrisGB was also the worst version (Yes a touch of Anti-Ego).

Rob Cook5355

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