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Geoff Phillips
TYPE : Platform
CATEGORY : Platform
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Manual is on the inlay.
Nothing on inlay_b.

The manual says pressing "J" allows to use a "standard joystick" (PASE interface ?)

Side B of the tape is completely empty: no label, no recording.
Owners on (original) : Lothlin , chris , mikep , BigFatChris , sonic mule , fluffy , 70NY , dave3622 , simo , conchubhar , ibisum , alesmukler , Ramme , barnsey123 , Truffon , devilhunter , musepat31 , Xavier28 , tgrimwood , kryten2x4b523pq , arkright , lchile
LAURENTD7500:05 06-May-2015
I was anxious to try this game after so many rave reviews, but I really got vvery disappointed... Graphics are quite nice, and so is the tune, but the controls are just awful, the game is hardly playable... This is certainly NOT in the same league as Manic Miner!
CRISTIAN16:12 05-December-2005
Play this game and you can understand why Geoff Phillips is my Oric programmer hero!
LOTHLIN18:03 30-March-2005
Very strange platform game set in a department store. I must admit to having mixed feelings about this one. Some of the graphics are well drawn and others not so, such as the platforms. Some move well, some don't. Gameplay is a bit odd too. Jumping is also a "hold on" button, so you can hang on to ledges and the wall by keeping it pressed - you won't get far if you don't know this as most of the platforms and objects are otherwise impossible to reach. Sound is good, a neat tune while you play and even some digitise speech - if you can't understand it, it says "Harridges", the name of the store. Once you get used to the concept of the controls, it is quite fun and easy to send your little man swinging around the screen and trying to get to the next screen. You can also briefly survive on top of moving objects that are descending (and jump off them), but any other sort of contact is fatal. Not in the same league as Manic Miner though.
HAKAN_K17:02 03-February-2005
This is one of my absolute favorites. Good graphics and sound. Lots of levels to play.

Rob Cook3333

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