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Gary Munro, Ian Marshall, John Cumming
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
Owners on oric.org (original) : Ramme
DAVE362223:02 21-February-2013
I notice this game was released on a 'Rhetoric' disk. Is the DSK file available anywhere, or if not please Steve Marshall, PLEASE can we have the TAP for this
ROB COOK01:07 29-July-2012
And now logged in correctly.... Dave, you are spot on!
FICTIONNET00:07 29-July-2012
Dave, you are spot on!
DAVE362221:07 24-July-2012
Looks like a great game, shame there's no TAP file available. Note to Rob (7 years later lol), Lone Raider had music playing whilst loading way back in 1983
CRISTIAN14:03 10-March-2011
Where I can found this game?
RAMME19:03 01-March-2011
I always thought this was a wonderful game. The fact that you had to control direction of movement with one hand and direction of shooting with the other made the game challenging and all the more interesting. The few times I actually managed to load this game, I spent hours trying to improve my score. Unfortunately, even more hours were spent on unsuccessful loading attempts.
ROB COOK05:05 09-May-2005
Technically quite impressive but didn't really work. Had a tune playing while game loaded (a first for the Oric) was was technially good but not great quality - just like the game.

Rob Cook4423

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