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Games Computing
D.T. Wright
RELEASE DATE : February 1984
SECOND CATEGORY : Type ins Game (Magazine)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Ne fonctionne que sur Oric-1
Version fournie par Dave / Steve
DOLOMIAH18:09 25-September-2019
Well this is weird - so many years since I typed in this game and I did a google just now and got back to this page! And not only that, falen has kindly made the game available. Thank you so much, just loaded it on my emulator and got goosebumps. 35 years ago, bloody hell..
DAVE362209:07 23-July-2018
Here you go... https://mega.nz/#!duhRyCII!cvWtW2sf5IHtSx1ICdZzvxmWqnYqwtjoE8L602bBfJ8
FALEN16:07 17-July-2018
dolomiah - i remember typing in this program - it took me about 2 weeks ( few hours a night after school) and it never worked......... think you are thinking of a different game.
FALEN16:07 17-July-2018
dave3622 - you say you have a working copy of wumpus hunt. Is there any chance you could send me a copy of it, or a link to anywhere it may be listed - cheers pal
DAVE362221:08 08-August-2013
I now have a working version thanks to Steve Marshall. It will be added to the next release of my Gamebase
DAVE362217:06 18-June-2013
@ DOLOMIAH, you may be thinking of a different game, this one is over 18K long!! Sadly the listing is bugged - there are lines missing between 574 and 586 causing an ?Undef'd Statement error whilst playing. This may have been corrected in the next issue of the magazine but I cannot find a copy anywhere :(
DOLOMIAH22:03 21-March-2010
first game i typed in after getting my oric - took ages as i couldn't type much those days (hey, i was only 13!). i didn't have a tape player so unable to save the game! never mind, it was fun whilst playing it - i can still vaguely remember the graphics and mini-sound effects when in combat mode.
FALEN10:08 17-August-2009
jesus - another game i rember typing in - every day after school - trying to get it to load of the casette - then continueing to type in the program - then the big moment - run - and syntax error - nothing uset to work


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