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Games Computing
D.T. Wright
RELEASE DATE : February 1984
SECOND CATEGORY : Type ins Game (Magazine)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Ne fonctionne que sur Oric-1
Version fournie par Dave / Steve

(Downloads Since 13/03/2003 : 0 )
DAVE362209:07 23-July-2018
Here you go... https://mega.nz/#!duhRyCII!cvWtW2sf5IHtSx1ICdZzvxmWqnYqwtjoE8L602bBfJ8
FALEN16:07 17-July-2018
dolomiah - i remember typing in this program - it took me about 2 weeks ( few hours a night after school) and it never worked......... think you are thinking of a different game.
FALEN16:07 17-July-2018
dave3622 - you say you have a working copy of wumpus hunt. Is there any chance you could send me a copy of it, or a link to anywhere it may be listed - cheers pal
DAVE362221:08 08-August-2013
I now have a working version thanks to Steve Marshall. It will be added to the next release of my Gamebase
DAVE362217:06 18-June-2013
@ DOLOMIAH, you may be thinking of a different game, this one is over 18K long!! Sadly the listing is bugged - there are lines missing between 574 and 586 causing an ?Undef'd Statement error whilst playing. This may have been corrected in the next issue of the magazine but I cannot find a copy anywhere
DOLOMIAH22:03 21-March-2010
first game i typed in after getting my oric - took ages as i couldn't type much those days (hey, i was only 13!). i didn't have a tape player so unable to save the game! never mind, it was fun whilst playing it - i can still vaguely remember the graphics and mini-sound effects when in combat mode.
FALEN10:08 17-August-2009
jesus - another game i rember typing in - every day after school - trying to get it to load of the casette - then continueing to type in the program - then the big moment - run - and syntax error - nothing uset to work


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