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Geoff Phillips
TYPE : Adventure
CATEGORY : Adventure
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Nothing on inlay_b
No Manual
Owners on oric.org (original) : jede , Archer101 , Ade , predator , Mikzu75 , pfgiz , boris01 , rockinJammy , Tombracer , sjmdisney , dja771 , evilmike , Thom , musepat31 , philou , Badger , Dinky74 , tramlink0800 , valojocke1966 , Antiriad2097 , Moloric , kev , localheroparis , lchile

ROB COOK20:02 11-February-2020
Like another poster here, this was also MY first ever adventure game and made me an instant Geoff Phillips fan. Great sense of humour, although I never completed the game which probably prevented me from trying the House Of Death sequel. Spent many, many hours playing this with my bro, or (more likely) on my own. I think I remember VERY loud (but occasional) sound effects blasting out with no volume control and scaring the poop out of me.
SPRIEST15:11 11-November-2009
My sister and I spent hours playing this and never did manage to complete it, even after reading the source code! Always seemed to end up getting stuck inside the mirror maze.
KEIGHLEYWEB21:05 01-May-2009
Loved this game, I always remember it saying it would take around 50 hours to play it to the end, I never did finish it.
PFGIZ23:01 01-January-2007
Who remembers 'The Archers' playing on the radio.. I could never solve it. Even after mowing the lawn.. Loved every second...
LOTHLIN16:11 02-November-2003
I've always been a fan of text adventures and this one was quite interesting. Not a large number of locations, but plenty of objects and puzzles to solve. It was very satisfying to finish this adventure (eventually!). Keep an eye on that siamese cat!
CAMERON21:03 27-March-2003
first and best acventure game for the oric - anyine ever try the hobbit and waiting hours for those bloody pictures to come up. the best thing about this game is that it was written it basic so - press ctrl c (break I seem to remember) then typre LIST and the whole thing scrolled out in front of you. - I still couldn't solve it! the classic was the line in the program amongst hundreds of lines of data needed to complete it. It read 120 rem DATA nosey,people,should,not,play,adventure,games
CRISTIAN17:11 28-November-2002
My first text adventure game ever played! How many fantasy trip in the summer of 1983 while I'm tried to solve this game! GREAT ADVENTURE. ...remember....SAY BOO!


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