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A & F Software
Jean Michel Bunouf/ Jean Marc Bunouf
TYPE : Scramble
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
Owners on (original) : alesmukler , jmbstarsoft
IBISUM22:03 30-March-2015
A very colorful and addictive arcade game, but quite difficult to get into due to the gameplay being a little hard! Nevertheless, a definite arcade hit!
LAURENTD7500:03 30-March-2015
Hello guys, really neat little game, very colourful, nice sounds, a bit hard to play though! Anyhow, it certainly deserved to be published back then!! I'm really pleased I discovered it and enjoyed trying it. One question: what it so particular about your handling of colour attributes in this game, wat is the 'buffering technique' you refer to?? Cheers, Laurent
JMBSTARSOFT23:01 19-January-2006
Hello Oric Community, My brother and I are the authors of this game. We tried to sell it to Loriciels , without success. So we gave it to few friends. It is fantastic to see that this software did not disappear from the surface of earth ! Take note of the "color attribut" buffering technic on the left of the screen... Regards.
_DBUG_17:08 31-August-2003
Quite nice graphicaly, but the keyboard does not react very well.


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