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Rémy Gosselin and Matthias Wystrach
TYPE : Role Playing Game
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : (inlay and manual drawings by Dominique Falue)

Transfer errors unknown.
Nothing on inlay_b.

Impossible to transfer to TAP file, the program was left as WAV files for Euphoric's Hardware Tape (F1 key): [amnukor_wav.zip]
The program was divided on 4 sides of 2 tapes (each one has its WAV file):
- utilitaires, to create the team (you have to save them once created)
- jeu, the game itself (load it then load your team)
- voyages, which is loaded when you go from one town to another
- scenario type, which is a pre-made team if you want to play without creating your own team

The manual is scanned in black and white to save disk space, but was initially printed on yellow paper (like the map; see General Look pictures). It is also scanned in grey since some people told me it was better this way.

The map is scanned at 200 DPI only because of memory limitations on my computer.
[amnukor_carte.gif] and [amnukor_carte.jpg] = map

The directory [amnukor_source_disks] holds the disks that Rémy Gosselin sent me. You should find there everything that has been used to create the game, as well as some Tyrann sources. There were sadly no manuals except the [protopus.txt] file about protections, so it's very hard to understand how this works. Many thanks go to André Chéramy who transfered the disks to PC. See [norsoft.rtf] for details.

There's an interview from one of the authors, too, published in the CEO Mag.

Owners on oric.org (original) : Syntax_terror , Zarach , chabagouni , RungeKutta , Yogi , Yesod , jjoops , kevinh , jpeps71 , fatagnus , dpsy , ricotti , popo14081976 , flopping , ShadowNS , Marcus , xvassor , anne_botin , olibru48 , Zlatan , musepat31 , Anaxximandre , laurentd75 , elarquet , philou , localheroparis , CGS
LAURENTD7501:07 11-July-2017
I remember buying this game and getting very excited reading the beautifu manual, but then being quite disappointed by the in-game system. It does improve a lot on Tyrann, but there are too many characters, too many monsters appearing at utter random and you easily get overcome. I really disliked the combat system. It's a pity because aside of grpahics, this game could have been almost as good as Dungeon Master later on the Atari ST... Which is why I hope someday to see the Oric Preview of Dungeon Master turn into a real game...
SYMOON21:12 15-December-2008
The download is fixed! You should now have the WAV files for Euphoric's hardware tape.
BENOIST02:03 20-March-2008
Would it be possible to replace this download with a working one? As previously stated, the archive offered here is damaged, thus 100% useless! (T_T)
BENOIST00:03 20-March-2008
Would it be possible to replace this download with a working one? As previously stated, the archive offered here is damaged, thus 100% useless! (T_T)
MAXIMUS02:04 12-April-2004
Hello , but the archive is damaged !!!
SYMOON00:11 25-November-2002
Quite simply the best Role Playing Game for Oric, in 2002 at least :-) I also had the tape problem, but I returned the game twice and finally it ran fine. I've spent DAYS on that game. All the memory is used for the maps and game system, so no music and poor graphics, too bad. As far as I know, this game was one of the last to be sold for Oric. You MUST try this game. Don't miss it. BTW it's in French, I started to translate it into English with Lothlin, who knows when I can finish...
_DBUG_23:11 23-November-2002
This game is the sequel of "Tyrann" that was already a huge hit in the RPG category. Le Fer d'amnukor is bigger, better, nicer. Unfortunately, that game was protected by a special tape encoding, and it was very slow to load, and was failing two third of the time :(


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