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Jonathan Bristow Aka Twilighte
RELEASE DATE : August 2000
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Released at LTP4 party (August 2000) in France (Villeneuve St Georges). This demo was displayed on the big screen (at the end of the party).

All code is from Twilighte except the scrolling text at the end of the demo. This scroll was done by Jede

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Owners on oric.org (original) : nobby , ctollsuk@googlemail.com , simo , thepeachbeetle
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MUSO23:06 04-June-2013
The music sounds better on a real Oric than the emulator but the lower samples rate makes it crackle a lot. The filename is Odelight but shouldn't the real title be Oric Delight???
_DBUG_20:09 03-September-2002
The music is not as bad. At least this demo _had_ music, this was not the case of my own productions at this time !
TWILIGHTE00:09 03-September-2002
The music, (or to be precise) the 2 bit sample IRQ was crap! RGB screens back then where something new, and the 3D Oric Ring was something never done before. It doesn't age too well though. The Audio really killed the demo.
JEDE01:07 29-July-2002
Done for ltp4, it's really a great demo. Else the music is a little ... hum crap ... (Sorry Twilighte)


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