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TYPE : Word Processor
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : No transfer errors.
Manual is missing.
Nothing on inlay-b.

French language.
1 side for Oric-1, another for Atmos.
Each side has a fast and slow speed recording of the program, and an example file in fast speed.

Press CTRL ? for help menu

To load the example file, appended to the main program in the TAP file:
- load the main program
- press CTRL K, then L
- enter the file name: EXEMPLES
- go back to the program with R

(Downloads Since 13/03/2003 : 33 )

(Downloads Since 13/03/2003 : 41 )
Owners on oric.org (original) : centillion , atmosaurus , jede , musepat31
VAG10:12 02-December-2011
Why ratings are "graphics, music, gameplay" instead of "functionality, usability, interest"?
VAG12:11 21-November-2011
A 60 columns editor. Apart from that, not very powerful.
SGT04B07:11 18-November-2011
Lacks basic facilities (e.g. insert an EoL in the middle of line is not possible, no search function). Unless you need the "characters accentues", you should use the much better Author.
PAUL122:01 20-January-2006
Very good word processing program. Fully custumizable. It's possible to adapt the program easyly for example to save on disc either than tape or to adapt your own printer !
_DBUG_16:08 19-August-2003
If I remember correctly that one was using redefined characters to display real 60x33 lines of text using a 4x6 pixels matrix. Quite a good idea actually


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