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John Sinclair
PRICE IN UK: 8.50 Pounds
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : No manual
[xenon1.jpg] = inlay in English (copyrighted 1983)
[xenon1_fr.jpg] = inlay in French (copyrighted 1984)
Nothing on inlay_b

Tapes on side A had different looks, tape a1 and b1 are the "old" UK version, a2 and b2 are from the newer one. The newer version had fast speed recordings on both sides.
It seems side b of the tapes with slow version didn't alway have the sticker about slow speed.
SEE ALSO : Xenon 1 (demo only)
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DAVE362201:05 30-May-2013
Here's my playthrough on the easiest level. It's nothing special but it shows all six levels in the game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHsY1oky7Nw
BOYZDAD20:07 17-July-2011
I am 43 now, I remember the 1st time I loaded this, wow, that explosion when loaded!!! I was totally hooked Thank you J.Sinclair, you made me a very happy boy, I always looked out for your games, for me it really was the "Black ops" of the day I program PIC micro's for a living now, people like you inspired me to learn programming, thank you again Matt
STAR4221:09 02-September-2010
Merci Mr Sinclair
KTHEDANE11:12 30-December-2009
Very well made game - guiss the one I played the most - and one of the first on the market right?
WASKOL00:02 13-February-2009
Very progressive difficulty, excellent gameplay, one the best oric games (all the serie is excellent by the way)
DAVE362219:09 17-September-2008
The first computer game I ever owned (from a list of 1000's). That alone makes this game very special to me, also the fact that it's pretty good
QWERTY18:06 21-June-2007
This was the first game I ever bought. I'd played games on the Spectrum and this blew them away. I spent ages playing this game as a kid. Never got too good at it though.
UYDUCU217:05 23-May-2007
I love My first computer oric 1 ,
VAL14:01 21-January-2005
My first shmup on oric, and still so enjoyable. The invaders patterns are a bit repetitive at the beginning, but just miss them and they get trickier to shoot later on. Animations and levels were of very good quality, and the fuel management thing was a very clever idea, although like many things at the time i suspect this was inspired from another game.
MAXIMUS20:04 16-April-2004
This John Sinclair is so good excellent just like Zorgon's excellent animation , so fast , Have fun
DUFFABOY00:04 05-April-2003
I liked this game, was quite taken aback when first played it not too difficult either.
HH22:03 25-March-2003
Xenon-1 was the first game I got to the Oric-1. I remember I was very impressed by the graphic and the gameplay. However you couldn't move and fire at the same time, which was annoying in the beginning. But a great game from IJK Software, which hold me going for many hours on the Oric. In the beginning I hated the refuel part, but later it was the must challenging screen. The screen with the parachutist was also a great screen. A must to hold in ones Oric Software pack.
JEDE04:03 16-March-2003
I am also agree with Lothlin, about fire. It's quite annoying for this game, this game is difficult to play, but i like graphics.
MUSO23:03 14-March-2003
This program proved the Oric was cable of great things. It has some great animation - and check out the colours on those sprites ! but quite an annoying game to play. You get killed too easily !
LOTHLIN14:03 10-March-2003
One of the first decent shoot-em-ups on the Oric, with its elements of Moon Cresta and Phoenix. Very good for the time, but you cannot move and fire at the same time which can be annoying.
SYMOON22:03 09-March-2003
First time we saw Xenon, we didn't belive it. Colored graphics, smooth animation, and this in the early days of Oric-1 ! This game became immediatly a classic. A very good shoot-them-up, even if in my opinion there's more fun playing The Hellion.
_DBUG_19:09 23-September-2002
The best proof of the quality of that game, is that during the Micro Mart retrocomputing fair, the week end of the 21-22 september 2002, two kids of around 10 years old played Xenon 1 for nearly one hour Not bad for a game created in 1983...
_DBUG_19:08 31-August-2002
Xenon 1 was really a shock. Graphically nice, good animation, variety of gameplay, and best of all it's not one of the numerous invaders or pacman clones !

Rob Cook4444

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