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John Sinclair
TYPE : SEU/ Arcade
PRICE IN UK: 8.50 Pounds
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : Nothing on inlay_b.

Recorded once at fast speed on labelled side, other side is empty.
Though copyrighted 1983, the game was more likely released early 1984.

Can be used with a PASE joystick with the program Joystick Adapter 1.

There are (at least) two UK versions and a French version.
Difference in the UK versions are mainly in the fact that references to Oric-1 are modified on the inlay and in the instructions, probably when the Atmos was released.
French version has the inlay and instructions translated.

FUN: the French instructions mention CTRL and SHIFT to move the ship up and down... Which is not the case! Maybe an earlier version of Zorgon used these keys?

The program is strictly the same in all three versions.
SEE ALSO : Zorgons Revenge (demo only)
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Youtube :
SCUBADAVE14:03 31-March-2019
Another round of applause from me for Mr Sinclair.
JOHNSINC18:03 28-March-2019
Only just seen this. If anybody wants to contact I'm John(at)Sinclair.33mail.com
WASKOL01:09 08-September-2018
Fantastic, incredible ! Mr. Sinclair, please, we would be honored if you accept an interview with Symoon.
SYMOON07:02 21-February-2017
Wow, Mr. Sinclair, is there a way to get in touch with you for a short interview?
YICKER11:02 20-February-2017
This was my first Oric game and still remains my favourite. Fantastic graphics and sound along with great gameplay.
JOHNSINC13:02 18-February-2017
Have to say, I agree Xenon was the better game. I'd had a, few visits to Oric by zorgon so it was an exercise in Oric ULA programming to show the Oric off against the Spectrum. It's hard to appreciate now how much better looking this game looked than a monochrome spectrum platform game. If I remixed it I'd lose some animation for some game play. The ram was full so it wasn't like you could have both. And I had my I levels to do. Thanks for the kind comments
LAURENTD7500:05 06-May-2015
Quite simply the BEST Oric game at the time of release, it was just a masterpiece back then with such detailed and colourful graphics, smooth animation and excellent sound effects (again... for the time!! Remember... this was 1983 for God's sake!!) Without contest one of the best games for the Oric although the difficulty level was way too high... But man, this was one of the few games that made me feel so happy to have my Oric Atmos!! Very very fond memories indeed...
JLPJLP10:12 06-December-2014
Que de bons moments passÚs avec ce jeu
DAVE362222:05 18-May-2013
See the game completed on YouTube here :- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhj_IKsDyAo
GREENSLIDER00:03 02-March-2013
Another great game..Had this and Xenon1 the Oriculator does them justice,
VAG20:04 19-April-2012
The best Oric game! I remember playing this game once with a friend that owned a Specy. He said "I wish I had a game like this in Spectrum".
GODZIL15:10 22-October-2011
This game is a must have. The difficulty is really high, but I don't know why, even if I never finish this game, I love it!
CHEMA19:02 03-February-2011
Not sure what you mean by the "full" game. The link is the "Tape file" text label located next to the diskette drive icon (I agree it is not very clear, as it is not underlined or anything). I downloaded the file and ran it under Euphoric perfectly...
KIERYBOY02:02 01-February-2011
I cannot download a full size version of Zorgon's Revenge. What do I have to do to get it?.
KIERYBOY02:02 01-February-2011
I cannot access a free full size download of this game. What do I have to do?.
JOCK20:11 14-November-2010
This tape gave family & friends hundreds of hours of entertainment. Best game for Oric bar none.
STAR4221:09 02-September-2010
wwouuuuaahhh le jeu qui ma fais acheter mon Oric !!
KTHEDANE10:12 30-December-2009
The game was to hard. but if you die at the right time you got infinite lifes. The most easy way was to die in flying Screen number 4. Shoot the last one - and then go in to a bullet and die. It is like it sets the level finished - so you get to the next level - with no lifes left. Ups remember you have to be on your last life to get the infinite life.
WASKOL01:02 13-February-2009
Haaa what a sequel to Xenon 1 it was !
DAVE362219:09 17-September-2008
Not much I can say about this after all the previous comments, other than this is without doubt my favourite Oric game ever. When my father sold my Oric and bought me a C64 ( ) I dreamt of being able to convert this game over to C64 so I could continue to play it. I sadly never got further than a poor attempt at the spider screen :(
UCIF23:11 23-November-2007
i remember last 21 years when i have 10 old i play with zorgan and someeime i can't remebr it.. but now i knoww that i never get one level
VOODOO CHILE23:06 16-June-2007
I loved Zorgon's Revenge as a child. My brother & I both completed it. Does anyone know if you can get it for a PC?
ORICOTE12:08 13-August-2006
I always found it was too difficult, but I managed to finish it all on my own..(gee! it costed me 2.300 ptas (+- 14.00 Euro!) so it was a fortune to me being just 11 years old However this was not one of my favourite ones.
ORICOTE12:08 13-August-2006
Sorry, I forgot to ask: Where is exactly the part where you have to be killed in order to obtain infinite lives? Is there a screenshot or detailed explanation somewhere?? Thanks!
ORICOTE12:08 13-August-2006
I always found it was too difficult, but I managed to finish it all on my own..(gee! it costed me 2.300 ptas (+- 14.00 Euro!) so it was a fortune to me being just 11 years old However this was not one of my favourite ones.
YODA20:08 05-August-2006
this takes me back over 23 years first game i ever completed. jumping over the spiders to get that last brick.i was bricking it.
ZIPPY21:03 12-March-2006
simply brilliant
WAROX14:02 11-February-2006
When i saw it for the fist time (during 1984), it was incredible for me. High resolution graphics, sprites moving very well, music&sound good, and keyboard response really good make this game one of the best for me (with defence force, xenon 1). Thanks IJK
CRISTIAN15:12 05-December-2005
We can say that "HERO" for the Oric is like "Mario" for NES?
SI_ONE16:09 25-September-2005
A fantastic game. Spent many hours on this in the 80's. Played it again just yesterday ad it's still as infuriating as ever!
MAXIMUS20:04 16-April-2004
One WORD: E X C E L L E N T when you play this funny nice game you get Pleasure I love it , you are a Hero , a princess is Waiting !!!
LOTHLIN12:11 02-November-2003
Zorgon's Revenge was one of the most important Oric games in 1983. Quite a nice looking multi-level arcade game, but difficult. Although many people remember this game fondly (including me!), it does have it's flaws. Still, back in 1983 it was one if the best games you could get in the UK.
_DBUG_22:10 16-October-2003
I never loved Zorgon's Revenge, but before being very nasty in my comments I decided to give it a chance... I loaded the game and tried to play it a bit more. Damned, that game is nice looking, has nice animation, good sounds, but I'm sorry, it totaly sucks when it's about game play. Among stressing things are the fact that the menu does not gave ALL the keys ! (yes, use X to move up in the vaissel part), and the game does not react very well. Really I prefer a lot Xenon 1. (Xenon 3 is not that much better than Zorgon)
NORIC21:05 15-May-2003
We played this game with whole family. I played a part with the bird, mother - both parts with dragons, and father nicely shot space sheeps (he is a pilot). So, all family members stay together, and guess, what part of game will be started Then he runs to the computer, while another player jump out. Very nice and interesting game!
CAMERON21:03 27-March-2003
This was probably the most important oric game ever written. In a time when the c-64 was released any thousands of games were being written for the Spectrum it was the only quality game that gave Oric something to write home about. As a 12 year old the whole neighbouhood would come round to play on on of the only PCG (personal computer game) hits - it scored an 8. The final screen with the castle and the princess wwas fantastic and there was also the infinite lives bit if you died at the right time on the shoot 'em up bit. The bit where you jumped for the bird always pissed me off when you missed it but that aside it was a quality game which was the best iric had to offer until the 32 screen trouble in store and manic miner came out. Gave me hours of fun!
SYMOON22:03 09-March-2003
THE Oric big success, along with L'Aigle D'Or maybe. Zorgons Revenge (aka Xenon 2) brings good memories, and is still fun to play. The music may be the weak point, but the graphics deserve a "5" because of the excellent animations.
KHH11:11 19-November-2002
At the time this was a very good looking game. It was had infact. But when you find out how to die at the right time - to get infinit lifes you get to train the last part where you jump over the animals. I will try to provide the last screen dump if you guys will add it - to make it complete. The game play - well I never liked games where you run arround with a man an have to jump at the right time not to die - So I liked the Zorgon (1) more as I always prefere shoot them down games.
HH21:10 08-October-2002
I still rate this "old" game as one of the best ever made for the Oric. The 4 different screens to complete, place the stones to make a bridge to the castle and then the last screen inside the castle which I haded in the beginning. It was the first HERO man made the Oric - in my opinion If it hadn't been for the later great graphics pictures to other games - I would have given it a 5 instead.

Rob Cook4344
Norwich Retro4344

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