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John Sinclair
TYPE : Demonstration
SECOND CATEGORY : Game (Software House)
ORIGIN : err 
NOTES : No tranfer errors detected.
Nothing on inlay_b.
Recorded once at fast speed on labelled side, other side is empty.
Though copyrighted 1983, the game was more likely released early 1984.

This is a demonstration of Zorgons Revenge. Set up everything as the game is loaded (volume and so on), then the game auto-runs and only the computer plays (more or less!).

Pictures and recording source are from a tape at the Centre for Computing History, in Cambridge UK.

John S. Sinclair speaks about games demonstrations (2019): "We'd make one for mainly computer shops. That's where most of the sales were done. News agents like WH Smiths were some of our biggest sales outlets. We also made pre-release tapes for magazines. They were our social media, bloggers and influencers all in one."
"(Zorgons demo) was harder to do though (than Xenon-1); it didn't have the end. It needed extra code space. I really did jam every last byte full."

With mega thanks to the following for this transfer in July 2019:
- Tape spotted at The Centre for Computing History, Cambridge UK, where Harriet O'Rourke was very kind offering us to visit them to record the tape.
- Ibisum asked Marc if he could go there, after Symoon asked on Defence-Force forum if anyone was living in Cambridge
- Recording made by Marc Sims, who kindly went to the Centre to make a WAV file of the tape for us :-)
SEE ALSO : Zorgon's Revenge
ROB COOK02:08 29-August-2019
Brilliant work.
BAZ6701:08 07-August-2019
Great to see you finally acquire this DEMO, folks. I once had a copy too...lost in the mists of time though... bravo!

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