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Que de nouvelles ce mois-ci ! Tout d'abord de Claude, qui est rentré chez lui après un séjour en maison de convalescence. Les médecins ont découvert qu'il avait une 'mégalocardie'. Ça, c'est une belle découverte ! Tout le monde sait depuis longtemps que Claude a un grand coeur ! Trèves de plaisanterie, tout va bien et Claude a maintenant repris toutes ses activités normales (même la piscine). Ensuite, Mickaël s'en va travailler en Norvège (mais reste plus que jamais un farouche partisan du CEO). Je suis prêt à parier que nous le reverrons de temps en temps aux Visus. A propos de Visu, la prochaine s'annonce avec quelques innovations : Toute la journée dans un nouveau lieu et avec Internet. Merci Xavier. A+ André.

Visu ! Le Samedi 4 juin 2005, de 10 à 18 H, au 10 rue Montera, Paris 12e (Métro Porte de Vincennes)- Attention voir impérativement en page 4 de ce mag ou auprès de .
Shoot Again : Honey-Kong !
Animoric Optimisé : Help !
Tout sur Euphoric & Windows !
Fabriquez vos Cartouches Super-Oric !
Fabriquez vos Cartouches Super-Oric !


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Réponses n°51 : Euphoric et Windows
Compilé par André Chéramy

Il est des questions qui reviennent périodiquement et pour lesquelles un petit nombre de personnes ont la gentillesse de donner des réponses à titre individuel. Il serait bien dommage de ne pas en faire profiter l'ensemble de la communauté Oricienne. Cette rubrique est donc ouverte à tous, aussi bien pour obtenir des renseignements, que pour en donner.
- - - -
Subject n°142 - Euphoric failing to startup under Windows XP
Question from Scott Davies: I'm currently trying to get Euphoric (Build 1005) to run on my Windows XP machine however I've not had much success so far. It gets as far as displaying the four white bars on a black screen when booting up just as the original Oric did but gets no further and locks-up. I then have to use the Windows Task Manager to kill the process. Anyone any ideas as to what may be causing this? Don't know if this will help but the following are some details of my PC. Windows XP with all the latest updates, P4 2.6GHz with 1Gb memory. Radeon 9600 Pro 128mb Gfx Card. Tried tweaking some of Euphoric's configuration settings in the ini file but with no success. Any help would be very much appreciated as I'm currently attempting to write an Oric File Manager for Windows.
Answer from Simon Guyart: This happens to me sometimes with XP, too. I then simply run Euphoric again after having killed it, and have no problem. Hope this helps
Answer from Peter 'TheSpider' Paterson: At work I can run Euphoric no problem at all under XP Pro. However, when I F10 out I have to manually close a DOS window that is left behind - no big deal.
Again from Scott: Tried killing it and restarting it several times but unfortunately it locks up every time. I'll have another look at the configuration file and see if there's anything I've missed.
Answer from Fabrice Francès: It could be that you try to run an invalid or corrupted Rom, and thus the 6502 hangs on invalid opcodes (e.g. $02)... Are you able to enter debugger mode (F11) when it happens? Another possible cause is a bad configuration of your Blaster legacy setting: Euphoric is a DOS application and it hooks to the IRQ specified in the eponym environment variable. Also, more and more soundcards don't provide a SoundBlaster emulation, so you might not be able to have sound on your platform. In this case, remove the Blaster variable...
From Mickaël Pointier: Or install VDMSound, and "run euphoric with VDMS" . By the way, VDMS also solve the problem of awful sound under Windows XP...
- - - -
Subject n°143 - Euphoric crashes when I Csave a program (Euphoric and Windows)
Question from Oguzhan "Pe@ceR" Yilmaz: I am trying to develop a basic-machine code combined game on Euphoric but I don't know why, when I try to Csave the file Euphoric crashes and does not respond anything. F10 key does not run and only thing I could do is switch to windows by ALT-TAB and close euphoric manually. When I close Euphoric from Windows, I see the .Tap file under tapes directory with 0 bytes long and later when I try to Cload it again, Euphoric only stays" searching...". This happens in Windows packaged 0.99n version when I double click .Tap file to run with Euphoric or 0.99q version where I first run Euphoric than use Cload later. I don't know why but this happens now and then (not always). I can save it sometime, but sometime not. I am afraid to develop my program. Yesterday, I code twice a really headache machine code routine and when I finished, I Csave it and lost it. What can I do? Is it something about windows XP?
From Fabrice Francès: Does Euphoric crash when you Csave anything else? For example, does it crash when you CSAVE"TEST",A#BB80,E#BFDF? [0 bytes long] If the file is 0 bytes long, don't bother loading it, you can be sure it contains nothing... [not always] Please try the above test and see if it happens to crash...
From "Pe@ceR": I have tried it, and euphoric did not crash. But, when I try to Cload my ongoing program and Csave it, it did not crash either. I don't know, as I said, it sometimes does crashes... sometimes not. Features of my PC: P4 2.4 Ghz, 512 Mb RAM, Geforce 4 graphic card with 128 Mb RAM, Windows XP Professional, 80 Gb hard disk with more than %50 is free.
De Mickaël Pointier: Ca crashe aussi très souvent chez moi. Forcément là je viens de faire le test et ça crashe pas.
From Fabrice: To be honest, Euphoric sometimes hangs on my XP machine too... Is this what you mean by crashing? I.e. the image is still on screen, but the emulator doesn't seem to run anymore? And then you have to use Windows' Task Manager in order to kill the process? Remember that Euphoric is not a Windows program; it's only a DOS program. It runs perfectly under Windows 95. It "often" loses serial port access in Windows 98. It loses sound in Windows 2000. It might well lose something else in XP... Also, it might well be unable to run in future versions of Windows... Peacer, if you have access to a Windows 98 machine, please try Euphoric on it a sufficient long time, you shouldn't have any hang...
From Mickaël: For me "crashing" means that I have a stack and register dump. It's a real crash. If you want, next time I'll copy the page with crash information.
From "Pe@ceR": Yes. It hangs and you can't use any key at all. All the things stand still there, Function keys are also out of function (F1, F10 etc.) and only windows task manager closes euphoric. I just observed that, this happens especially when I give Csave command.
- - - -
Subject n°144 - Euphoric problems under Windows 2000 or XP
Question from Nick Valeous: I had no problems in windows 98. Since I upgraded to Windows XP, my Euphoric sound is corrupted. It is not an installation problem since all other programs have no sound problems. I use an onboard soundcard (c-media 9739A on Asus p4s8x). I have latest Direct X, latest soundcard drivers, latest video drivers and Euphoric version 0.99n. Any idea how to troubleshoot?
Answer from Mickaël Pointier: Yep. With Windows XP, sound is stuttering. With Windows 2000, generally there's no sound at all. The solution is to install VDMSound: . Works fine with this.
Again from Nick: Mickaël, I don't know how to thank you man!!! Your answer was quick and it worked like a charm! :-) Now I don't need to install Win98! :O Having fixed the sound problems I now realized that I also have some "keyboard problems" within the emulator under WinXP. The keyboard responds perfectly under Win98, but under WinXP it sometimes "delays to respond" (worstly, some key strokes are sometimes "ignored") if one key is pressed immediately after the release of another which was pressed down for a couple of seconds (you can try mushroom mania at fastest speed to see what I mean). I thought that this must be related to repeat delay and repeat rate settings of the keyboard, so I went to: control panel->keyboard and set those settings to long and slow respectively (it could also be something in the Bios, but the Bios settings were the same in WinXP and Win98). Now the problem seems to have been solved but since you are the experts I d like to ask your opinion about this.
Answer from Mickaël: The expert has absolutely no idea :-) Hope it helped you! Seriously, no, I don't have any idea. Sorry. PS: Do you have the delay also without VDMSound?
Answer from Simon Guyart: I have just tested VDMSound with Euphoric and XP, too. I haven't spent much time on it so I used an automatic configuration, which is probably not the best. But now the sound is fixed, I experience the keyboard slowdown, too. So I think it's a problem with VDMSound (or its configuration).
- - - -
Subject n°145 - Does Gameinit work under Euphoric?
Question from Steve Marshall: Does Gameinit work under Euphoric? John Hurley is still in touch with me and he still likes to type in programs when he can. He's recently got a PC from a friend so I sent him Euphoric, which he is very pleased with. I've given him enough instruction so that he is now merrily converting his old disks to disk image. Most are Gameinit and he has written, as they won't boot. (He isn't on email). I've tried and can't get Gameinit working. Is the only way to use a Sedoric master to boot first?
From Fabrice Francès: Gameinit should work under Euphoric. Could you send me your disk image so that I have a look at it?
From Steve: I don't have one - John has it! I tried to make one and it wouldn't do it. Tried making one on the real Oric and it worked. This is using V0.99n. I don't think I've tried again with the new version. It isn't easy getting John sorted via post though. He is using READDSK to read his Gameinit disks. By default would that cause a problem i.e. should he be specifying the tracks and sectors for a Gameinit / Shortsed disk? Just wondering if that could be the problem.
From Fabrice: It is likely he is using an old version of Readdsk, and thus gets an old image format (that has to be converted with the old2mfm tool before using with euphoric)...
From Steve: I don't think so. I gave him the version I use which works fine.
From Fabrice: What are you doing to make a Gameinit disc? Am I wrong or Gameinit has been removed from the latest release of Sedoric?
From Steve: Ah... That might be why my attempts fail. I'm pretty sure I was using SedV3. Doesn't explain John's problem though. As he's using disks that are already Gameinit.
Again from Steve: I've got it working now. I had a look and it is on Sedoric V3. I got it working by reducing the sectors a to a 42 track disk. I think I did 80 on the real Oric ? Anyway it seems to work. I guess John's problem will be with Readdsk expecting 82 tracks. i.e. I doubt he is specifying the sectors / tracks used.
From Fabrice: The Shortsed on the Gameinit disks is still version 1. I don't know if it has been updated to cope with the 2-sectors bitmaps introduced by Ray in Sedoric v2. André is the man to ask for an answer in this field...
From Steve: Well it is in French so it may be the older version.
Answer from André Chéramy: To my knowledge, there is only a single Gameinit.com released with all versions of Sedoric (1.0, 2,x and 3.0). Its checksum is #CC24 and addresses from #6000 to #74FF. This programme generates disks that overcome the page 4 problem. Both Gameinit and the generated disks do work with Euphoric (under Windows 9.x at least). Please read the Sedoric manual page 18 as well as numerous articles in the Ceo-Mag. If I remember well Gameinit don't accept 16 sectors per track as a parameter. When you boot with the generated disk, only !DIR and !LOAD commands (or direct loading) are available.


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