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Vous constaterez en regardant attentivement ce numéro, que j'ai eu du mal à boucler mes 30 pages... En fait c'est un peu la marée basse en ce qui concerne la matière première. Bien sûr, j'ai reçu d'excellentes contributions et sans vouloir faire de jaloux, je ne citerais que celle de Simon Guyart qui est un événement en soit : La bible du transfert de cassettes, avec correction des erreurs. C'est le moment de vous y mettre, sinon le numéro de Juillet-Août sera maigre et celui de septembre, squelettique ! En vous remerciant d'avance... A.

VISU le Samedi 5 Juin, de 14 à 18 H, au 1er étage du 17 rue des Petits Hôtels, Paris 10e.
L'événement du mois : La Bible du Transfert K7 !
Shoot Again : Air Terre Mer !
Le Moniteur Systeme de l'Apple II sur Oric !
Fabriquez vos Cartouches Super-Oric !


Adresses CEO / Sommaire / Editorial   Page 2
Courrier Oricien   Page 3-4
Les Calembours de Schizo Dino   Page 4-5
Petites Annonces / Bonnes Adresses   Page 5-6
Enhanced Apple II's System Monitor on the Oric   Page 7
Transfert de Cassettes et Correction d'erreur   Page 8-9
Brèves   Page 10
Dino fait 'Le Chat'   Page 10
VDU Replacement Routine   Page 11
Utilitaire : Tap2dsk   Page 12
Les Calembours de Schizo Dino   Page 12
Schéma Interface RS232 / Serial Port   Page 13
Hist'Oric : Super-Oric   Page 14
Parcours de Programmeurs : Alain Fernandes   Page 15-16
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Les Calembours de Schizo Dino   Page 22
Réponses (41) : Sujet n°114 - Oric Repairing   Page 23-24
Shoot Again (61) : ATM   Page 25-26
Nostalgie : Oric, Tansoft & Orpheus, Photos 1982-1985   Page 27
Des Trucs pour Tricher (16) : Encounter Adventure (3)   Page 28-29
La Librairie Oric : Programmation sur Oric   Page 30
Abonnement 2004, Anciens Numéros, Anciennes Disquettes   Page 31

VDU replacement routine
par Fabrice Francès

VDU256.TAP is a small VDU replacement routine breaking oric's ASCII barrier. As you already know, the oric uses one bit to select inverse video, so a charset can only be 128 chars (this is ASCII, i.e 32 control chars and 96 displayable chars). Well, without changing your ULA, you can now use a 256 characters set (i.e 32 control chars and 224 displayable chars) like ISO8859-1.TAP
[mystifying mode off]
This new VDU routine is compatible with the old one: you may use escape sequences and control chars as before. See the snapshot for a Basic exemple.
[vendor mode off]
Ok, there's no magic: hires mode is used 8-) I've chosen a 6x10 size for the characters as this allows better readability of complex characters. Of course, this means you only have 20 lines of 40 characters plus 3 smaller lines, but I think readibility is the point.
This VDU routine is usable as is if you program in C. However, due to a bug/error/omission in the rom, you need a patched rom if you want to use it from Basic. The patch modifies only one address, I strongly suggest you use it both in real orics and emulators (don't you know someone with an eprom programmer ?). This has to do with the VDU vector that is installed in page 2 and is erroneously never used by the rom. With the patch installed, users may provide their own VDU driver (in the same way you can change the keyboard routine or the printer routine). This means all outputs from the rom (PRINT, error messages, etc) may be redirected to another device.
The only weak point comes from the PRINT @ : the rom does not rely on the VDU to set the cursor location, it's a shame in my humble opinion (well, control chars and escape sequences do not provide the background for it. You may note also this PRINT @ didn't exist in rom 1.0). So I suggest you boycott it 8-)
The C library routines like putchar, printf... call the VDU vector, you don't need to change anything.

[technical mode off]
Once you have installed the patched rom, just load the VDU routine and a charset like this:
HIMEM #9400
Enjoy, Fabrice.
PS: the ISO8859-1 charset bundled is not the best looking one. I got it from X11's system 6x10 font. You can design your own fonts as usual, but please note these few points: upper 8 lines are stored as usual but please 'OR' $40, 9th line is stored in page $96 and 10th line is stored in page $97, chars 128 to 159 are definable like the others, and chars 0 to 31 too (the laters contain screen attributes to allow oric escape sequences).
From André Majorel: Unfortunately, I can't try it myself. The README mentions a "patched rom", without specifying which one, or where it might be. I looked around oric.free.fr but haven't found anything that looks like it might be a patched ROM. Help !
Answer from Fabrice: Ah, sorry... The "patch" replaces the JSR $F77C that sits in $CCFE by JSR $0238. All the upgraded roms from Marc Leclerc will do. Also, the "nationalized" roms (BAS11_FR, BAS11_UK, etc) have the patch applied too. If you want to stick with the original 1.1 rom, I still suggest you apply this modification. Cheers, Fabrice


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