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Mis à part la superbe photo de couverture, vous ne trouverez pas grand chose dans ce numéro sur l'Oric Phoenix. Et pourtant, c'est vraiment l'actualité du moment. Les choses changent d'un jour à l'autre et vous trouverez un récit complet de cette aventure dans le mag n°200. A ce propos, j'ai reçu de nombreuses contributions pour ce numéro qui devrait bien être exceptionnel. Mais revenons en au n°199. Vous y trouver de quoi lire, sourire, bricoler, taper sur vos claviers et peut-être même une idée de nouveau programme, sait-on jamais! Bonne lecture. André

Interviews, suite: Aujourd'hui Paul Kaufman!
Implantation d’un Forth en Rom Atmos!
Bricolez pour votre Super-Oric!
Disponibles: Cartes Microdisc!
Un peu de pub pour les Mini Games 2006!


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Interview of Paul Kaufman

by Jonathan ‘Twilighte' Bristow

From Jonathan "Twilighte" Bristow to Paul Kaufman: Just tonight CEO contacted me regards receiving an email from you notifying them about an interview with you in Retro-Gamer. Very cool indeed. Especially since over the last few months I've been desperately seeking Ratters, oops I mean Peter Halford, and/or his contact details. And the reason? I have come into possession of 5 of the Z80 (ok, 64180 then) boards Peter Halford was working on at the tail end of Orics existence and would love to know if the boards ROM's and/or any circuit diagrams still exist? I got the boards from Steve Hopps (OPEL/Opelco) who recently moved home and wanted to be finally rid of all his Oric stuff.

From Paul Kaufman: Hiya Jonathan. I think the new issue of Retro Gamer hits the streets later this week. I've not had any contact with Peter Halford since the early 80's! My recollection is that he was on a sort of work experience thing from college/school, and he didn't really do very much except help to debug the cassette software after some people complained of problems. Oh yes I think he tried to sell us a version of BBC Basic to run on the Oric, however when we looked into it, in fact it WAS BBC Basic, just disassembled from the BBC ROM, so that went out the window quickly! I have no recollection of him doing anything else and he was only in the company for a couple of months. I can email the couple of photos that were taken when I had a pint with Paul Johnson a few weeks ago if you like!

From 'Twilighte': [Retro Gamer] I'll definitely be checking out that. :) I checked with the magazine this afternoon, it should be out on Thursday. The only reason they are doing something on the Oric is because I emailed them to complain that they were not covering the machine (mainly they were just sticking to Spectrum, C64 and early games consoles)! [Peter Halford] Perhaps he got the knick name "Ratters" from his dodgy behaviour? Hehe! [photos] That would be fantastic; I'd love to see what you old fogees look like now :) Maybe Paul may recollect more about these boards, they have one word on them, which is "Phoenix". They are professionally made, not ya average breadboard trash. Or perhaps you might let me have Paul Johnsons email addy? Paul Johnson has started a new company, making, wait for it... industrial single board computers! (talk about going full circle!) More information at this site: . Would you also have any contact details for Chris Shaw? No info on Chris Shaw, but Paul Johnson might remember. By the way, its best not to hassle Paul too much, although he likes to reminisce about the past I got the feeling that he is too busy now with his new company. That's only my opinion of course! Don't tell him I said that! Anyway I love talking about it! You must think we are total addicts by now, 25 years after Tansoft disappeared? I think its just great that people recognise what great little machines they were! At the time they were pretty much leading edge. By the way, in case you are interested, I now run the UK operation of an Italian audio software developer, IK Multimedia (www.ikmultimedia.com). And I even play in a local surf guitar band (don't forget to click the Tell Me More button at the end!) Anyway, thanks for your swift reply. Best wishes.

From Paul: [Peter Halford] He got the nickname from the TV/electrical shop he had a Saturday job with (H.R.Rapkin and Sons of Northampton), he used to phone up saying it was Peter from Rapkins, however we misheard him and thought it was Ratkins. First he was just called 'that bloke from Ratkins' and eventually just 'Ratters'! True story! Attached the photo I mentioned.

From "Twilighte" à "Dbug", "Fabrice Frances" & "Cheramy": Well, if we ever have an Oric reunion, perhaps we should invite the Los Kiosk Bears? Perhaps for next CEO meet? Hehe! Does anyone want me to try and get them a copy of Retro-gamer?

From Paul: Hiya! I got my copy of RetroGamer at the weekend (from Borders in Cambridge). Quite a nice little article, and it includes a large summary of Oric games, with screenshots. PS. Hope those photos arrived ok

From 'Twilighte': Hi Paul, I got 3 copies of Retro Gamer from WHSmith in Dunstable ;-) I need to send 2 abroad to a couple of friends (i.e. CEO). Great article, and lots of reverberations through the Oric fraternity ;-) I did notice that it mentioned that Paul Halford wrote the Cassette routines. I assume this was a spelling mistake and it should have been Peter Halford? Nice interview and great to see that picture of the Oric when it was in prototype form, i.e. just keyboard and wires everywhere! I assume you supplied this photo? If so, do you have any others?

From Paul: Hiya! Yes I noticed that 'Paul' Halford bit. Trouble is, its wrong anyway. He only did some debugging after customers were complaining about poor reliability. The cassette routines themselves were lifted from the existing code used in the Microtan computer and then tailored to suit requirements. In the end the fault with the cassette loading turned out to be a wrongly specified resistor on the circuit (should have been 10Kohm instead of 100Kohm, or something like that!). Yes I supplied all those photos. I've got stacks of them from the Tangerine/Microtan/Oric days. All the best.

From 'Twilighte': Interesting email from Paul Kauffman, regards spelling error of Mr Halford's name. Perhaps place this in next Ceo-Mag?

From André Chéramy: Done. Very interesting. Thanks for the RetroGamer issue that I just received. This is very kind of you. Best regards.


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